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The Center For Ionic Detox

The Center For Ionic Detox

Natural Weight Loss

Diet and Exercise are great but what if there was a way to have Nature help out a little?  We have the Solution. Not only that but we have the proof too. Christina Podias the owner of The Center for Ionic Detox lost over 78 lbs in 1 year and Kept it off.  What is best, she never deprived herself of any food. Using our Natural Supplements in the Store she was able to take off the weight and Keep it off. Not only that but she was able to maintain her weight loss ever since.

Are you ready to lose weight and Keep it off? Like Many of our customers, you too can discover how easy it can be to lose the weight and keep it off Naturally.  Come in for a Free Evaluation and let us Customize a weight loss regiment that fits your needs. It may be as simple as a basic Ionic Detox to help you speed up your Metabolism or as advanced as using your DNA to help you identify how your body works and structuring a life plan to suit your body's needs to help you eat right and lose weight.  

DNA Testing can be Taken to Determine how your Body works. Then Based on that we can put together a plan to help you Balance your Diet, Know what to avoid and what works best with your Body.

Natural Supplements. BTW this is the way Christina was Able to Lose the 78 Lbs and keep it off.

Items Like Carb Blocker helped her block Carbs when she Ate Bread, Pasta, and other Carb Filled meals, Slimmetry to curb the appetite, Glucose health to control the sugar break down and conversion, Probiotics to help in Digestion and proper Nutrient Absorption and More.  Just take it with a meal and block the bad and Help the good. 

Our Alkaline Water is Natural and Helps neutralize the Acidity in your body and as was Said on the Dr. Oz show ® Acidic Foods make you gain weight. So being more alkaline can help you lose weight.

An Ionic Detox Foot Bath regularly will help remove the toxins from your Body Which helps your Metabolism speed up. It also helps you be more Alkaline which also helps in weight loss.