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The Center For Ionic Detox

The Center For Ionic Detox

Testimonials from our wonderful clients 

Paul: Since I started going to The Center for Ionic Detox, I can sleep better.

Vincent:  I suffered from Gout for years. I went to The Center for Ionic Detox and after 3 Ionic Detox sessions and the supplements I was taking the Gout is gone and never returned. I still go in for follow up visits monthly. They are amazing!

Anna Maria: I love the family environment at The Center for Ionic Detox. Aside from the fact that I feel great after the Detox, the Massage chair, and the foot massage after my session I love Christina’s personality and I have a blast every time I go there.

Jamie: I suffered from Insomnia, and could not get a good nights sleep. Since my Ionic Detox sessions and the Valerian supplements the girls at The Center for Detox recommended I now get a full night sleep and wake up rested and energetic. The also helped me fix my joint pains and gave me natural supplements to have more energy during the day. I feel rejuvenated. You guys changed my life!

Ed: I have liver enzyme Irregularities. I found relief with Ionic Detox in Maryland. Now that I moved to New York, I found The Center for Ionic Detox and they have helped me greatly. I love the atmosphere, and they treat me like royalty. They really care for their customers.

Ray: I had severe joint problems and Gout. Since Ionic Detox and the supplements they gave me my joint pains went away, I also enjoy the Himalayan salt treatments.

Helen:  I had neglected myself for many years. The stress of life in general had taken a toll on my body attitude and mind. I visited The Center for Ionic Detox just to see what it was about. I immediately felt welcome there. The Girls pampered me and took Great care in helping me. After Ionic Detox, Ear Candling, Skin Analysis and facial I felt like a changed person. They also were very positive and made me feel great. After a few months, my wrinkles are gone, thanks to Artistry skin Care, my body feels great, from Ionic Detox and the Natural supplements, I have lots of energy, and a new outlook on life. Thank you guys for helping me.  

Kathleen: I take a lot of Medications and was told that it was taking a toll on my liver. I was told that Ionic Detox would help.  I went to the Center for Ionic Detox and after a few sessions I felt the difference. I also began taking the Milk Thistle supplement recommended by them that will additionally protect my liver and am now more at ease. I will now begin considering taking natural supplements to replace some of the medications I am taking. I have full trust in the people at the Center for Ionic Detox.

Anthony: I was taking Cholesterol Medication and the side effects were killing me. I went to The Center for Ionic Detox and was recommended the Cholesterol Health Natural supplement. I began taking it and phased out the Medication. within a few months I had my tests done and to my and my doctors amazement, my cholesterol went down!!  No More Medication!! You guys are Great!

William: I suffered from Asthma and needed a medical Inhaler. The Girls at the Center For ionic Detox suggested I try the Himalayan Salt Inhaler. I have noticed that I use the medical inhaler less and also got a Himalayan salt lamp that i put in my bedroom and my wife said I snore less and sleep quieter. 

Jane: I had poor circulation in my feet and hands. After the 3 Detox package and the Oxygenated Alkaline water I noticed the black and blue begin to fade from my feet and the tingling in my fingers happen less often. This is amazing!!

Felicia: I get sick every year around September/October time. The Flu shot doesn't help and everything else I have tried didn't work. This year I went to The Ionic Detox and did the 3 sessions as well as got on the vitamins they recommended. So far No cold, and one of the vitamin packs has a supplement called Hair, skin and Nails and I have noticed my nails are not as Brittle and my hair feels fuller. 

Joanne: I had dry skin and a few blemishes. I did the Detox and got a skin Analysis. Christina Recommended a few products and I got them because she said there was a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so I had nothing to lose by trying them. The Energy Candle helped my dry and cracked heels and the anti blemish creme has toned down the blemishes I have. I am so happy!  

Rich: I accidentally walked into the Center for Ionic Detox as I was looking for a different store. The pleasant smell and atmosphere led me to ask a few questions and the next thing you know I am on a massage chair and getting pampered. I got Detoxed, Ear Candling, and I got a foot rub with the Energy candle wax. This was great. I left feeling great! I also got a Himalayan Salt lamp, Vitamins and Alkaline Water. But most of all I got an education on the need to take care of my body and to take natural vitamins. I will be going back for Follow up next month. 

Linda: I smoked 1 pack a day and I was worried about what it was doing to me but found it impossible to quit. I did the Ionic Detox and the smell and the toxins that came out of my body scared me. I have actually cut down to a few cigarettes a day now and I started taking the Vitamins and Vitamin C Plus from The Center for Ionic Detox to try to repair some of the damage I did all these years from smoking. They said the Vitamin C. would help protect my cells and rebuild. They know their stuff so I am trusting them as everything else they said worked. By my third Detox the smell was minimal and my water was clearer. I think I made the right move when I did because the smoking was slowly killing me.

James: I had a knee injury when I was younger and the Doctors told me that I would not be able to walk right and I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I may even be bound to a wheelchair by 25.  I had an Ionic Detox done and I immediately felt the pain in my knee go away. I couldn't believe it!. I will continue the Detox sessions monthly as recommended and will beat the Doctors predictions.

Tanya: I walked into the Center for Ionic Detox to find out what they did. After explaining the Ionic Detox foot baths, I decided to try it. During the session the Girls explained to me what toxins were being removed and from where and I was amazed. They asked me if I sleep well, if I had joint pains and if I feel sluggish. I did, but i didn't tell them, they diagnosed it from the colors in the foot bath. WOW! I also did ear candling because I had the sniffles and it cleared me right up. I was amazed. I will be going in for follow ups because I feel really great after my visit!

Peter:  I was feeling sluggish and was getting sick regularly. My Doctor Recommended I try Detoxing. I found the Center for Ionic Detox and made an appointment. I was skeptical as I usually am, but came with my girlfriend to check it out. To my amazement, the water my feet were in started changing colors. I was still skeptical and then I looked over and my girlfriends water was a different color then mine. What completely convinced me was when they explained the colors in my water, they also identified some of my major ailments. I was floored. When I got up I felt my joints were feeling better, and by the next day, I had a lot more energy. I returned a few days later for a second detox, I also started taking the supplements they recommended and now I feel like I am functioning at peak performance. Thanks to the team at The Center for ionic Detox!!

Walter: I went in for a Detox because my friend was raving about The Center for Ionic Detox just to see what all the hype was about. I honestly did not expect the results I got. Not only do I feel more energetic after the Detox, but I noticed that I also am more alert. I think it's because I get a better night sleep which I had problems with in the past. Overall I feel better now.

Mathew: I have been a steady customer for over 4 months now. I feel the difference from when I first started coming. I have been taking the supplements and getting the Ionic Detox Foot baths biweekly. I take medications and need to protect my liver. I have more energy and feel better. I will continue to come and stay healthy. 

Raymond: I come in for Ionic Detox every two weeks. Between my job and entertainment life, I tend to not take care of my body like I should. Since I have been coming in for Ionic Detox and taking the supplements I noticed that I recover faster and also feel better overall. I definitely recommend.

Claudia: I went in 2 months ago to find out How the Ionic Detox works. Since then I go in regularly for Ionic Detox, Ear Candling and now I get my Facial done there too. They call it WOW Facials, and I see why. When they were done with me and I looked in the mirror I said WOW!! I look so much more vibrant and younger. You must come and try it!!!

Chris: I tend to break out a lot on my body. I heard they gave front and back facials on the chest and back. I tried it and I don't break out anymore. I also let them wax me there too instead of shaving.

Pam: I love going in for the Ionic Detox. Not only do I feel better but the foot rubs at the end take all the stress away. I feel like a new person when I leave.

Michael: I go in once a month to pamper my self. I get the Ionic Detox, ear Candling and facial. THey treat me like royalty and I leave feeling like a million Bucks!!

James: I come in every 2 weeks religiously. I am a bus driver and between the smog and long hours sitting, I felt my body was not working right. For the past 6 months I feel much better then I did and even have more energy and alertness. Ionic Detox is Great, and the supplements work!!

Yolanda: I have been a steady customer for over 4 months and I bring all my friends. I feel the difference the Ionic Detox Makes and the supplements have given me more energy and I even wake up easier and don't run out of energy midway through the day. a few of my friends come with me every time I go, so we turn it into a spa day. The atmosphere is great!

Vanessa: My friend got me the pamper me Deluxe package for my Birthday. I got a WOW Facial and I said WOW!!! I could not believe my skin was in such bad shape before. I look like a new person. Then they pampered my with the Ear Candling and Ionic Detox and the foot rub made me feel great.

Jonathan: Me and my brother go in every 2 weeks for Ionic Detox because we felt the difference the first time we went in. I was feeling like something was wrong with me. I was always tired, got sick easily and felt horrible. Since the Detox, and the supplements I feel energized, and happy. I feel my body is working fine again.

Dyna: Amazing facials. WOW is the word. I have spent so much money on cremes and Doctors and never got results like this. 1 hour and they made me look Amazing. Thank you!!  

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