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The Center For Ionic Detox

The Center For Ionic Detox

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Alkaline Water 100% Natural and Purified.

Alkaline Water, 100% Natural & Purified  We Deliver!!

Did you know that water can be either Naturally or Artificially Alkaline?

Naturally Alkaline water has a chemical makeup that differs slightly from artificial alkaline water.Artificial alkaline water causes side effects and you should avoid drinking this water daily!! When measuring drinking water an alkaline ph can be a result of either natural or unnatural conditions in the water.Artificially alkaline water only neutralizes acidity where it has direct contact with the stomach and upper bowels. When consumed daily the upper bowels becomes overly alkaline and side effects begin to appear. Most common are: erratic heart behavior, hypertension, nervousness,anxiety, urinary track and bladder infections and stabbing side pains.

Is it OK to drink alkaline water daily?
For optimal health it is important to drink naturally alkaline water daily. Doing so will supply the body with the alkaline minerals need to buffer acid. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters per day. That is 66 ounces!!! Alkalinity is the result of naturally alkaline 
minerals: calcium and magnesium. The body is capable of using minerals it needs and storing or discarding any excess.

If you drink ionized water or artificially alkaline water its best to measure your body ph daily&regulate consumption accordingly. Ionized water should not be used as daily drinking water as a persons body can become to alkaline and harm the body.
Gallon $2.50, if they bring gallon back for refill $ 1.50
Flavored lemon- lime and orange melon $ 3 for 16.9 ounces
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