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The Center For Ionic Detox

The Center For Ionic Detox


Ear Candling, Foot Detox

Christina Podias

Christina Podias is the co-founder of the Center for Ionic Detox with her husband Anthony. The store opened August 1, 2012. Christina specializes in foot detoxes, ear candling and skin analysis.
Ear Candling, Foot Detox

Anthony Podias

Anthony has a lot of Knowledge in Supplementation.He has been working here since the store opened in August 1, 2012. Anthony specializes in foot detoxes and ear candling and and Holistic Supplementation.

Our Story

  1. Ionic Detox Foot Baths: Remove Cellular debris and Toxins from the Body in 30 Minutes Naturally.
  2. Ear Candling: For those who suffer from excessive wax, ear infections and sinus conditions.
  3. Facials: For every skin type we'll make you look and feel Great
  4. Acne Treatments and products. Clear your skin and look Great!
  5. Natural Vitamins and Supplements: Keep your body healthy and pure with Natural supplementation.
  6. Alkaline Oxygenated Water: To improve your body's ph levels and give you more endurance.
  7. Himalayan Salt Treatments and products: For people with respiratory ailments. Salt Baskets and Lamps to infuse your home with negative Ions for a healthy environment. Works well for Pets too!
  8. Weight Loss Program and Supplements: Know your body type and how to lose weight using our D.N.A. testing kits. Then create a program to fit your needs.

Jamie Winckelmann

Jamie Winckelmann started off as a client for three straight years prior to working at The Center for Ionic Detox. Jamie is a holistic healer who has been working at The Center for Ionic Detox for one year now. Jamie specializes in the foot detoxes, ear candling, and is often know to give a tarot card reading to all the client. Jamie offers a free reading with ever service booked online. Check out Jamie's line of holistic crystal jewelry.