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The Center For Ionic Detox

The Center For Ionic Detox

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Ionic Detox After 30 minute Session

Foot Detox

  • The Ionic Foot Bath assists in restoring body vitality against environmental toxins by eliminating the chemicals you take in form drugs, environmental pollution and processed foods. Read More

Ear Candling, an Ancient Chinese Remedy

Ear Candling

  • Ear Candling is a safe simple non-invasive natural relaxing cleansing method. It is considered to be an old home remedy. Ear Candling can be beneficial for people with ear nose, throat, allergies, sinus issues and respiratory issues.  Read More 

Skin Analysis Magnifier sees skin problems before they surface.

Skin Analyzer Magnifer

  • S.A.M. facial assists you in identifying skin conditions that are not readily visible, such as blemishes, congestion under skin and dehydration. Read More

Alkaline Water 
100% Natural & Purified
We Deliver!!

Did you know that water can be either Naturally or Artificially Alkaline?

Naturally Alkaline water has a chemical makeup that differs slightly from artificial alkaline water.Artificial alkaline water causes side effects and you should avoid drinking this water daily!!   Read More

Natural Vitamins and Supplements.

Natural Vitamins and Supplements

We carry the  # 1 best selling purest plant based vitamins and dietary supplements  Nutrilite

* Did you know 8 out of 10 people don't get their daily dose of fruits and vegetables?

Natural Weight Loss

Diet and Exercise are great but what if there was a way to have Nature help out a little?  We have the Solution. Not only that but we have the proof too. Christina Podias the owner of The Center for Ionic Detox lost over 78 lbs in 1 year and Kept it off.  What is best, she never deprived herself of any food. Using our Natural Supplements in the Store she was able to take off the weight and Keep it off.  Read More

Tarot Card Readings

Have a question that you need an answer to? 

Does he Love me? 

Will I get the Promotion? 

Come in for a Tarot Card Reading and get answers to your most troubling questions.  Get a Free Reading when you get any of our services. Read More

The Color chart helps you identify where the toxins were removed from your body, as well as areas you should take care of.


Monthly Passes are a great way to Save money while Keeping yourself Healthy at The Center for Ionic Detox.

The Center for Ionic Detox is introducing for the first time ever a monthly membership pass! We are so excited to be offering this exceptional deal.

The monthly membership pass includes:

-Unlimited use for Ionic foot detox

-Unlimited use of ear candling

-A gallon of Alkaline water plus free refills

Payment of $ 399 is received in full amount

-Monthly pass to be used by 1 person only.

Who is ready to start taking advantage of this amazing deal.

Let’s remove those toxins together !

All of our services are $50 or we have a special promotion three services for $125 that is a $25 savings or  5 services for $200 that is a $ 50 dollar savings after the 5th detox you get a 50% off a single product.

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